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Wasta-Linux: Customizing for your Needs

[Wasta-Linux] (/" >}}) is intended to be used as a base for regionally-localized Linux “customized” distributions specific to locations' needs (fonts, keyboards, applications, settings, included reference documents, etc.). 

Should you be interested in being a “regional customizer” of Wasta-Linux, please use the forums linked at the bottom of this page and someone will contact you.

There are 2 primary Wasta-Linux customizing methods, both of which can be used to create custom Wasta-Linux ISOs to re-distribute to users:

  1. Manual customization

    Basically, install Wasta-Linux on a clean test system, and make the adjustments you want manually.  Then follow the process to create a custom Wasta-Linux ISO.  If you make future modifications, you can re-create the ISO.  But, any customizations you make in the future that you want to distribute to existing users that installed your previous ISO will need to be individually made on each machine.  Due to this limitation, see method 2 below.

  2. Create a wasta-custom-xyz package

    The main advantage of creating a wasta-custom-xyz package is that any future adjustments you make to your customizations will be automatically re-distributed to anyone with the wasta-custom-xyz package installed when they update their system.  Here is an overview of the process to create and maintain a wasta-custom-xyz package:

    1. Create a wasta-custom-xyz Package:

      Work with the Wasta-Linux team to create a new “package” called wasta-custom-xyz with all your desired customizations included.  The Wasta-Linux team will create the first version of this package for you.  Once this package is created, installing wasta-custom-xyz on any Wasta-Linux computer will include all of your customizations.

      Examples of customizations that can be included in a wasta-custom-xyz package include:

      • LibreOffice Default Settings: Use .doc, .xls extensions, enable complex text layout, set default language settings, etc.

      • Additional Keyboards: Install additional language keyboards.

      • Additional Fonts: Install additional fonts

      • Additional Applications: Install applications on ALL computers with wasta-custom-xyz such as Paratext, AdaptIt, FieldWorks, etc.

      • System Default Settings: Customize settings such as the default background image, touchpad behavior, default “application favorites”, etc.

      • Wasta-Menus Default List: Customize the default Applications that are included in Wasta-Menus.

      • Reference Documents: Include a folder of reference documents that can optionally be linked to each users Home Directory.

    2. Maintain the wasta-custom-xyz Package:

      Ideally any future modifications to this ‘wasta-custom-xyz’ package will be made directly by you, the regional customizer. Follow this guide to maintain ‘wasta-custom-xyz’ custom packages.

    3. (Optional) Create a Custom Wasta-Linux ISO:

      As with method 1 above, you can install Wasta-Linux on a clean test system, then install your wasta-custom-xyz package, and then follow the process to create a custom Wasta-Linux ISO.